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Using YUI to Tackle Video

Thi presentation deep-dives into how the NFL leverages YUI to provide a rich, trackable and monetizable video experience to its users regardless of device. YUI is a free, open source JavaScript and CSS library for building richly

Achieving Performance Zen with YUI 3

Guidelines can help you build fast websites, but building applications that are clean, fast and extensible also involves taking a balanced approach to performance at every level of your work. YUI 3 is designed to help you

Ajax for Designers

In this video, you will learn the basics of the various Ajax frameworks (Spry, jQuery, MooTools, YUI), including how to implement Ajax interface elements using Dreamweaver CS4, create interesting visual effects, and manage data. Most important, you’ll

Debugging in YUI 3

YUI engineer Luke Smith discusses the fine art of debugging web applications, looking at general tools and techniques and providing a few specific hints about debugging in YUI 3. Download video, slides and transcript

YUI 3 Performance

YUI architect Matt Sweeney reviews principles of high-performance web development and looks at how best to implement those principles in YUI 3-based projects. Transcript and slides

Interview with the Yahoo UI JavaScript Library Team

The YUI team spent some time with Rey Bango to chat about the good stuff happening with YUI. Video source