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Interview with the Yahoo UI JavaScript Library Team

The YUI team spent some time with Rey Bango to chat about the good stuff happening with YUI. Video source

YUI 3: Design Goals and Architecture

Satyen Desai, senior YUI engineer, discusses YUI’s next-generation codeline, YUI 3. Presentation transcript

Introducing the YUI Compressor

In this brief 3-minute video, Yahoo! engineer and technical evangelist Julien Lecomte describes the rationale behind and philosophy underlying the new YUI Compressor tool. YUI Compressor page

Test-Driven Development with YUI Test

Yahoo! engineer and YUI Test developer Nicholas C. Zakas provides an introduction to the concepts of test-driven development (TDD) and shows how to apply them to frontend engineering using YUI Test.

The YUI Menu Control

The YUI Menu Control comprises three rich, powerful UI tools. In this 25 minute video, YUI Menu developer Todd Kloots orients you to the Menu Control’s structure, design, and implementation.

Eric Miraglia and Matt Sweeney: “YUI 3: A Look Ahead”

Eric Miraglia and Matt Sweeney provide an architectural overview of the upcoming YUI 3.0 release, currently available as a public preview from .