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Design, Don’t Decorate

Putting the advanced capabilities of WPF and Silverlight to full use requires collaboration, experimentation, and iterative prototyping. In this session, you’ll see all five sequential prototypes for the acclaimed StaffLynx application and discuss practices that worked and

The Whole Brain Developer

This session looks at the importance of right-brained thinking in UI design and suggest strategies for left-brain-tending developers to learn to tap into right-brain skills. It’s a truism in our industry that many developers just can’t design

C# for Designers

Having some programming knowledge as an interactive professional can set you apart from the rest. Come learn the essentials of C# for creating interactivity in Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation in this session, and add another

Out and About: XAML and being a Software Startup with Richard Godfrey

An interview with UK based startup IPrinciples who specialise in rich UI using XAML. We discuss the need for designers, the importance of Expression Design and why they favour WPF over Silverlight before talking about how useful

Data-driven applications in WPF and Silverlight

Come delve into Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft’s latest frameworks for building rich internet experiences and desktop applications. Topics covered include: data binding and tips for writing data-driven applications; using styles and templates to customize

Building maintainable enterprise WPF applications using Composite Application Guidance

Are you building complex enterprise applications with WPF? Once you get past the initial twilight period of amazement at WPF’s power, you’ll quick arrive a set of real problems that the WPF books might not answer. How