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Adaptive UX – A Single UI for Everything

Sick of developing a user interface for mobile, then doing it again for desktop, then again for tablet? How about including features that make sense on a smaller device, but not on a larger screen? Microsoft has

Windows Phone Development Best Practices

This talk provides some formal recommendations and tips. The presentation goes deep into the code and shows practical demonstrations and use of frameworks, patterns, practices and technologies to build efficient applications with MVVM. You will get educated

Silverlight for Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7 Series is coming…and if you are a Silverlight developer there is good news: Silverlight *is* the development platform for Windows Phone applications. This session will provide an overview of the tools, the emulator, and

Designing and Developing for the Rich Mobile Web

The Mobile Web has been a long time in coming, and now that it’s here, it’s a force that you and your business can’t afford to ignore. What has made all of this possible is the combination

Windows Phone UI and Design Language

Windows Phone constitutes a dramatic new user experience paradigm. This session will provide prescriptive guidance, tips, and techniques on how designers & developers can build beautiful, compelling user experiences that are consistent with the built-in Windows Phone