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Test-Driven JavaScript

Javascript becomes much more important to interactive website development then before (ok it has been for a while already) but the notion of testing that logic seems even further fetched then testing the code written in C#,

Test-driven development in Flex

This presentation will demonstrate how to implement user stories taking a test-first approach and how to set up a continuous build.

More Test Driven Development With Javascript: JsTestDriver

Demonstration of JsTestDrive technology and how you can use it to TDD your JavaScript code. Good blog  posting evaluating JsTestDrive

Test-Driving GUIs (with RubyCocoa)

Test-driven design is probably more popular in the Ruby community than in other language communities. Nevertheless, test-driven design of graphical user interfaces is still seen as something of a black art. In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how

Test-Driven Development with YUI Test

Yahoo! engineer and YUI Test developer Nicholas C. Zakas provides an introduction to the concepts of test-driven development (TDD) and shows how to apply them to frontend engineering using YUI Test.

Agile Web Development with Grails

Agile Development is all about developing code and seeking feedback from your users to make sure you’re developing what’s relevant. When changes are suggested, they must be affordable and reliable. Grails, along with its facility to develop