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From Swing to JavaFX

Swing has been a great retainer for years, but with todayís focus on rich user interfaces, many Java applications can benefit from using JavaFX instead. The question is, how do you manage that when youíre stuck with

Java #N3 – Making a GUI in NetBeans

Creates a simple GUI to add or subtract two numbers using the Java Swing framework and the NetBeans GUI design tool.

Monkeybars: easy cross platform GUIs

Monkeybars is a JRuby library that gives Ruby developers easy access to the world of Swing GUI development. Much of the complexity of Swing is removed and appropriately Ruby-ized. There is an emphasis on testability and better

Filthy Rich Clients

Back again this week is Chet Haase, one of the leading voices in Java desktop technologies. Joining Chet for this Special Edition of SDN Channel is, Ed Ort, our host from the Java.sun.com team. Ed has some

Swing GUI Intro with NetBeans

A small tutorial introducing Swing GUI building with NetBeans 5.5.1