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Using Selenium with Webrat and Cucumber

This video show how to use Webrat and Selenium to test the parts of your application that rely on AJAX or some form of Javascript interaction with the user.

Update on Selenium 2

Selenium is a suite of tools to automate web app testing across many platforms. Selenium runs in many browsers and operating systems. It can be controlled by many programming languages and testing frameworks. In this video Simon

GWT Testing Best Practices

GWT has a lot of little-publicized infrastructure that can help you build apps The Right Way: test-driven development, code coverage, comprehensive unit tests, and integration testing using Selenium or WebDriver. This session will survey GWT’s testing infrastructure,

Molybdenum Cross Browser Testing

Molybdenum is web UI testing made easy. Capture and replay, modularized and maintainable tests with bricks, data binding with external files, reporting with simple rerun possibilities, test other media than HTML like PDF with helper applications. It

How Mozilla uses Selenium

Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently. Each integration is verified by an automated build to find problems as quickly as possible. Many teams discover that this approach

ZTL Record and Play Example

ZK-ZTL is an open source tool which can automatically test the ZK Framework with jUnit and Selenium frameworks. ZK is the leading open source Ajax and Mobile Java framework. This video show hot to use Selenium IDE