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Keeping secrets in JavaScript

With the web slowly maturing as a platform the demand for cryptography in the browser has risen, especially in a post-Snowden era. Many of us have heard about the upcoming Web Cryptography API but at the time

Application Security for Rich Internet Applications

Learn about the top security risks in web applications and, with demos, how REST backends and rich JavaScript applications map to these risks. Current and upcoming countermeasures include new HTTP headers, double submit cookies and escaping input

Crockford on JavaScript – Part 5: The End of All Things

Douglas Crockford talks about issues of security in the browser. Slides and transcript

AJAX Security

Caleb Sima, CTO and Founder of SPI Dynamics, discusses AJAX Security.

Advanced Web Application Security

The security landscape has changed dramatically in the past 12 months. Unless you are aware of CSRF, Javascript Highjacking and the many ways to fool an XSS filter, it’s likely that your web application will not be