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CoffeeScript for Rubyists

This video provides a CoffeeScript introduction from the perspective of a Ruby aficionado. The talk focuses on what’s in the language, as well as what makes CoffeeScript so compelling for a Rubyist. The presentation also covers how

Ruby, JavaScript and the Mobile Web

Rich interactive mobile web applications requires applications that are built with JavaScript but still require server backends. While there are many new JavaScript frameworks, only a few are suited to mobile web applications and integrating them can

Managing Javascript and CSS with Rack

In most web applications, managing Javascript and CSS is a mess. This video presents a new Rack-based approach to packaging assets using a lightweight gem called Stork. You’ll learn organizational conventions, advanced CSS techniques with Sass, and

jQuery and Sinatra, a Classy Combination

This video shows you how to develop web applications using jQuery and Sinatra. jQuery is a simple Javascript library that has taken the web application world by storm. Sinatra is a simple ruby web framework that allows

Forms Don’t Have to be this Complicated

HTML Forms have made huge strides in recent years, with AJAX and HTML5. Unfortunately, our tools to make them haven’t been keeping up. Since Forms have been talked to death many times before, I’ll touch only briefly

Unobtrusive Javascript

Keep JavaScript out of your HTML content with unobtrusive JavaScript. Here I show how Rails 3 works with this best practice.