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Dabo: Rich Client Web Applications in 100% Python

Imagine being able to create a rich web application using nothing but Python. No HTML, Javascript – just pure Python. Now you can with the Dabo framework. You can now create web applications as well as traditional

Strategies For Testing Ajax Web Applications

As a Python web developer you are probably familiar with the paradigms of testing simple web applications. Your test case makes a GET / POST request, your program responds with an HTML page, and your test verifies

Building a Simple Configuration-driven Web Testing Framework With Twill

Building a flexible and scalable functional testing framework for your application is typically an evolutionary process. You experiment and find things that work, and things that don’t, particularly if you have little programming experience. Sometimes, you proceed

Using Windmill

Windmill is the best-integrated solution for Web test development and its flexibility is largely due to its development in Python. This talk will get you writing and running automated tests and show off some of the most

Building GUI applications with Python, GTK and Glade

Pete Savage gives an introduction to developing applications using Python, GTK and Glade. This talk was given on 2nd December 2006 at a meeting of Hampshire Linux User Group. Additional resource for this presentation