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Performance Apps with Ember.js

Anthony Bull believes that all MVC frameworks make trade-offs, but that Ember.js provides the best balance for developing well-factored and ambitious web applications. This talk features an introduction to ember.js, comparisons to other frameworks, code to demonstrate

JavaScript and Metaperformance

There are lies, damned lies, and benchmarks. Tuning language processor performance to benchmarks can have the unintended consequence of encouraging bad programming practices. This is the true story of developing a new benchmark with the intention of

Why Web Performance Matters

Developers love to make their web applications go fast. But do you know the real benefit of high performance web sites? In a word, it’s money. This session digs into the real revenue returns of high performance

HTML5 High-Performance Best Practices for Web Sites

Creating high performance Web sites and applications is crucial for every Web developer. Come learn ways you can make your sites faster in Internet Explorer and other browsers. We’ll describe what’s changing with performance in Internet Explorer

YUI 3 Performance

YUI architect Matt Sweeney reviews principles of high-performance web development and looks at how best to implement those principles in YUI 3-based projects. Transcript and slides

High Performance JavaScript

Five contributors to O’Reilly’s High Performance JavaScript discuss advanced JavaScript and DOM scripting optimizations. Transcript and slides