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Adaptive UX – A Single UI for Everything

Sick of developing a user interface for mobile, then doing it again for desktop, then again for tablet? How about including features that make sense on a smaller device, but not on a larger screen? Microsoft has

Mobile First Software Architectures

The rapidly increasing power & capabilities of mobile devices is driving higher-than-ever user expectations, and the need for differentiated mobile applications. Meanwhile, most developers are still caught up in the old client/server software architecture model of development,

Cross-Device Responsive Web Development

In today’s multi-device world, Responsive Web Design (RWD) has become essential. Media queries (in CSS, JavaScript, markup, and other related technologies) make it easier to develop for multiple devices and still adhere to web standards.

Mobile HTML: The Future of Web Your Sites

The mobile web is accelerating more rapidly than ever! This session shows you the bleeding edge of the mobile web, enabling you to take your mobile sites and apps to the next level. We will dive into

Methods and Tools for Mobile UX Research

This video talks about different research methods and tools for testing mobile websites and apps. As a case study, they go over a setup and results of a recent international mobile benchmark study that we conducted using

MonoTouch: C# for iPhone

MonoTouch allows you to harness all those C# skills and most of those handy .NET/Mono libraries to create truly native apps for iOS with a sprinkle of cross-platform support. But why not just use objective-c you cry?