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What to Look for in Web Performance Monitoring Software

Unless you have the manpower with the expertise to ensure regular Web performance monitoring (to see how quickly pages download content for viewing by visitors, for example), site monitoring solution software could be an affordable alternative.

Cross-platform Mobile Development

With the rise of smartphone and tablet devices, a new class of application is emerging to work across multiple kinds of devices. Java developers are now faced with new challenges to provide the most engaging user experiences

Cross-platform RIAs and Mobile Applications

Join the Adobe experts to discover how to develop RIAs and mobile applications for Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS, Android and QNX. We’ll present the last features on Adobe Flex, the open-source framework to build first-class applications

GWT + HTML5 Can Do What?!

This session show how can you take advantage of new HTML5 features in your GWT applications in the form of demos. We’ll cover examples of how to use Canvas for advanced graphics, CSS3 features, Web Workers, and

GWT Testing Best Practices

GWT has a lot of little-publicized infrastructure that can help you build apps The Right Way: test-driven development, code coverage, comprehensive unit tests, and integration testing using Selenium or WebDriver. This session will survey GWT’s testing infrastructure,

Java SE and JavaFX: The Road Ahead

In this Jazoon 2010 Keynote, Danny Coward presents the evolution of Java SE and JavaFX. Whether you’re programming server-side or client side, the evolution of Java SE is an important factor in your daily coding. And any