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MonoTouch: C# for iPhone

MonoTouch allows you to harness all those C# skills and most of those handy .NET/Mono libraries to create truly native apps for iOS with a sprinkle of cross-platform support. But why not just use objective-c you cry?

RubyMotion: Rubyizing iOS development

RubyMotion has revolutionized native app development for iOS devices. I would like to share some best practices/lessons learned building apps using RubyMotion. These include:

Introduction To Appcelerator Titanium

This video shows how to develop with the Appcelerator titanium to build cross platform mobile applications. You will learn how to build for IOS, Android and eventually the blackberry. We will be using Titanium Studio the IDE

UIKit Tips and Tricks for iPhone

This video presents best practices, useful tips and little-known features for taking iPhone applications to the next level. it discusses of what to do (and what not to do) for best results in iPhone app programming. Watch

Analyzing and Monetizing your Android and iPhone Applications

If you’ve got a great mobile app, you’re likely interested to know how users interact with your app and how to build a business from it. In this session you’ll learn how you can drive awareness and

PhoneGap: Mobile Applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Brian LeRoux presents PhoneGap, a mobile web framework for creating phone applications using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript without having to program in phone’s native language, Objective C, Java or C++. PhoneGap is open source and currently