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GWT’s UI overhaul: UiBinder, ClientBundle, and Layout Panels

There have been some really huge improvements in GWT’s UI fundamentals over the past year. We’ve introduced features such as UiBinder, ClientBundle, CssResource, and uber layout panels that allow you to build fast UIs in a sane

GWT + HTML5 Can Do What?!

This session show how can you take advantage of new HTML5 features in your GWT applications in the form of demos. We’ll cover examples of how to use Canvas for advanced graphics, CSS3 features, Web Workers, and

GWT Testing Best Practices

GWT has a lot of little-publicized infrastructure that can help you build apps The Right Way: test-driven development, code coverage, comprehensive unit tests, and integration testing using Selenium or WebDriver. This session will survey GWT’s testing infrastructure,

Architecting GWT Applications for Production at Google

For large GWT applications, there’s a lot you should think about early in the design of your project. GWT has a variety of technologies to help you, but putting it all together can be daunting. This session

Effective GWT: Developing a complex, high-performance app with Google Web Toolkit

In this session we’ll show how you can get the most out of GWT in development, testing and deployment. It’s based on our two and half years of experience building Lombardi Blueprint, a SaaS application for collaborative

Crawljax – A Tool for Automating Web Application Testing

Crawljax is a tool for crawling any AJAX/GWT application. It uses WebDriver to navigate through the different states of a web application. With plugins and invariants Crawljax can be used to perform various automated tests. For example: