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Cross-Platform HTML5 Games

AppMobi’s lead game developer and game developer evangelist Tyler Smith gives us a quick overview on creating cross-platform games using one HTML5 codebase, while addressing performance problems with coding methods to avoid them.

Writing a Game with JavaFX

This tutorial features development of a game that uses the JavaFX 2.0 library. Starting with an empty project, all parts are coded live, step by step, while the underlying concepts are explained. At the end of the

Gaming JavaFX

JavaFX brings a fully hardware accelerated graphics stack, true 3D transforms and effects, an easy to write declarative programming language and powerful graphical APIs to allow you to write fun, compelling, consumer content. Come see how to

Applying User Testing During Development

This presentation will focus on the relationship between Production, Game Design, and User Research (Usability). What it takes to prepare game builds for User Research, what the goals are for the usability test, and what Production and