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Flex Testing with FlexMonkey: ?Verify Component Command

This video explains the Verify Component command of FlexMonkey. Video producer and source code

Effective UI Testing with FlexMonkey – An Interview with Stu Stern

In this interview, recorded at Adobe MAX 2009, Gorilla Logic CEO Stuart Stern talks to DZone about FlexMonkey, an Adobe AIR application used for testing Flex- and AIR-based applications. FlexMonkey also generates ActionScript-based testing scripts that you

Drunk on Software – Episode 14 FlexMonkey: Fiesta at Casa Bonita

In another exciting installment of Drunk On Software, we chat with Gorilla Logic’s Stu Stern in celebration of the first production release of FlexMonkey. Our conversation may lack a bit of focus, but does have some good

Drunk on Software – Episode 2 – Flex Automated Testing and FlexMonkey

In this episode we interview Stu Stern of Gorilla Logic.  Stu and Gorilla Logic recently launched FlexMonkey, a record / playback testing tool for Flex applications.  Stu discusses the in-and-outs of FlexMonkey, and how it differs from