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PostCSS: JavaScript Your CSS

This talk on PostCSS, will give you a quick overview of what PostCSS can do for you, how you can leverage PostCSS plugins to take a lot of the developer error out of front-end development.

Maintainable CSS – The Next Frontier of Front-End Engineering

For over a decade, web development has been unthinkable without CSS. Yet the way how CSS is authored is far away from the professionalism we use in the rest of our code. Most developers try to avoid

5 Short Tips about CSS and HTML

This video present 5 short tips, tricks and hints about CSS and HTML from the webmaster at bricss.net/.

CSS from Scratch

This short video explains how to implementing CSS in JavaScript in 10 easy steps.

4th Dimension CSS

CSS2.1 was two dimensional: There was no concept of depth or time. CSS3 brings us some control over both, with transitions and animations for the latter. In this talk we will start from the basics of these

Scalable and Modular CSS

If you’re working on a large project with a lot of hands in the CSS pot, then your CSS may be doomed to code bloat failure. Scalable and modular CSS architectures and approaches are the new hotness