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Mobile First Software Architectures

The rapidly increasing power & capabilities of mobile devices is driving higher-than-ever user expectations, and the need for differentiated mobile applications. Meanwhile, most developers are still caught up in the old client/server software architecture model of development,

Making Good Android Apps Great

Learn how to use advanced Android techniques to take a good app and transform it into a polished product, without being a resource hog. Features advanced coding tips and tricks, bandwidth-saving techniques, implementation patterns, exposure to some

Chrome on Android: developing HTML5 Web applications

Developing a native mobile application that will work across all existing mobile stacks is hard. An alternative is to turn it into a Web application leveraging technologies provided by the HTML5 Web platform. Chrome on Android is

Enterprise Android

This video presents Android extensions to enhance the platform for use as an enterprise OS, including substitutes for Google Mobile Services apps (Maps, Speech Rec, C2DM, etc.).

Introduction To Appcelerator Titanium

This video shows how to develop with the Appcelerator titanium to build cross platform mobile applications. You will learn how to build for IOS, Android and eventually the blackberry. We will be using Titanium Studio the IDE

Android Application Development – A 9,000 Foot Overview

This video takes you through the Android software stack, the Dalvik VM, and setting up the Android SDK with the Eclipse environment. Video Producer: Marakana