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Developing Mobile Apps with AIR 2.5

The AIR 2.5 runtime is now available on Android (and soon on Blackberries, WebOS…). Using the last release of the Flex framework, you can rapidly develop rich and engaging applications connected to your JAVA back-end. During this

Adobe AIR, Flex and Flash in the Cloud

Learn about the tremendous benefits that cloud computing offers to enterprise and consumer-facing RIAs, and see how Adobe AIR, Flex, and Flash are positioned to work well with cloud-based deployments. This session will explore the process of

AIR SQLite: an Optimization Conversation

How can I optimize my indexes? What’s the best way to do a bulk INSERT? Slides and presenter comments

Christophe Coenraets Discusses Flex, AIR, Catalyst and LCDS

Christophe Coenraets discusses Adobe Catalyst, the developer-designer interaction, Flex 4.0, AIR 2.0, Livecycle Data Services (LCDS) 3.0, the Flex 4 component model, model-driven development, and Flex/Flash Builder 4.0.

Effective UI Testing with FlexMonkey – An Interview with Stu Stern

In this interview, recorded at Adobe MAX 2009, Gorilla Logic CEO Stuart Stern talks to DZone about FlexMonkey, an Adobe AIR application used for testing Flex- and AIR-based applications. FlexMonkey also generates ActionScript-based testing scripts that you

Flex and Air in the Trenches

Scott Delap shares his experience creating a lobby interface for an online game using Flex&Air. He details on related technologies used, available tooling and frameworks pros&cons, remoting options, unit, functional and load testing approach used.