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User Experience: The Next Generation

Ben Forta discusses with Paul Gubbay and John Resig about Adobe and its relationship to HTML5, and Adobe’s work supporting JQuery.

Drunk on Software – Episode 18: MAX 2009 Deep Thoughts

In this episode Chet Haase joins us during the Adobe Max 2009 after party to discuss the highlights from the conference. Chet is a member of the Flex SDK team and Drunk on Software’s West Coast Correspondent.

The Future Of Rich Internet Applications

See Adobe’s vision of the future of RIAs. We’ll discuss the importance of high-quality design and the tight communication required between designers and developers to build truly compelling applications, including how to make the tools that each

Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe Systems, presents the Open Screen Project

The goal of the Open Screen Project is to maintain compatibility across devices, supporting rapid innovation and enabling devices to be seamlessly updated with the latest runtimes. With a consistent runtime environment based on the next major

Flex Improves Designer/Developer Workflows

In this video Flex Architect Ely Greenfield shows how designers will have complete control over the look of their applications in the next version of Flex – without writing a line of code.

Gumbo offers more Animation possibilities

This video presents the next version of Flex, code-named gumbo, that has advanced capabilities for animating arbitrary objects and types. No longer will animation be limited to components or numeric properties. Gumbo home page