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ActionScript 3.0 Tastes Good (and Is Good for You, Too!)

Learn how to harness ActionScript 3.0 to build meaningful and practical applications, including effective approaches to typical programming tasks. The building blocks we’ll share are designed to take full advantage of ActionScript 3.0 as well as lay

ActionScript 1:1 with Doug Winnie – Boolean Logic Operators

This video demonstrates how to test multiple conditions at the same time using logic operators. Learn to customize your project with more control using basic Boolean logic commands.

ActionScript 11 with Doug Winnie – Building Logic Using Conditional Tests (episode 22)

Conditional tests are only useful if you can do different things based on the results. In this video, Doug shows how to do exactly that with the “if” and “if…else” statements.

ActionScript 11 with Doug Winnie – Testing Conditions (episode 21)

This video shows how to test for different conditions in your application using Equality and Inequality Operators. Follow along as Doug builds a number of conditional statements, and then tests the results.

ActionScript 1:1 with Doug Winnie – Introducing Boolean Values (episode 20)

Boolean variables are the basis for building logic into an application. This tutorial provides some easy commands to get you started working with Boolean variables.

Colin Moock’s Lost ActionScript Weekend – The Display List

Learn how to place visual content on screen, then rearrange, remove and manage it with code. Guest-star: Jim Corbett, the creator of ActionScript’s display API.