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Choose the Right UX Deliverable Template

Don’t let UX deliverable templates become a crutch in your software development projects. Adapt User eXperience (UX) deliverables to unique situations and stakeholder needs.

UX Design Lessons from Fighting Games

You may have heard that video games have lots to teach us in terms of user experience design. There are definitely lessons to be had from game design and games’ user interface designs; but what really stuck

Adaptive UX – A Single UI for Everything

Sick of developing a user interface for mobile, then doing it again for desktop, then again for tablet? How about including features that make sense on a smaller device, but not on a larger screen? Microsoft has

Mobile First Software Architectures

The rapidly increasing power & capabilities of mobile devices is driving higher-than-ever user expectations, and the need for differentiated mobile applications. Meanwhile, most developers are still caught up in the old client/server software architecture model of development,

Android UI Design Patterns & Anti-Patterns

There’s often a communication gap between Android developers and designers. This talk introduces basic UI concepts and reveals the simple patterns that exist within well designed user experiences.

Accessible Design

This presentation focuses on designing and building for audiences other than screen readers: people with mobility or dexterity impairments, low-vision, and even different literacy or cultural differences. You’ll learn several practical takeaways to help you design and