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Open RIA Services from Microsoft

The last several years have seen a radical change in how Microsoft approaches the world of open source. Very recently WCF RIA Services, originally a part of Silverlight, was donated to the community to create the new

Learning how to use Behaviors in Silverlight

This video takes a look at how to use and harness the power of Behaviors. A Behavior in Silverlight is a way to extend an existing UI element in order to add additional state or actions to

Blend for Developers

Isn’t Blend a designer’s tool? This is partly right and partly wrong. Yes, the designer on your team should use Blend, but so should you when building Silverlight applications. Did you know Blend has rich data binding

Silverlight, MVVM & WCF RIA Services: an architectural story

At the start of each project, you’ll have to lay out your solution architecture – and it’s very important to “get this right”. Silverlight, MVVM & WCF RIA Services work nicely together, but as with each architecture,

An Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight 4 – Part 1

This is the first of two screencasts demonstrating how to build a simple Silverlight 4 map application, using Visual Studio and the C# programming language. You’ll get a decent overview of the Silverlight workflow, and learn what

Building Applications with Silverlight 4

Now that Silverlight 4 is released, find out what is new?changed and how to write great data–driven applications with Silverlight 4. Learn about how you can leverage Silverlight 4 for rich desktop applications using the new ‘trusted