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Cross-platform Mobile Development

With the rise of smartphone and tablet devices, a new class of application is emerging to work across multiple kinds of devices. Java developers are now faced with new challenges to provide the most engaging user experiences

Cross-platform RIAs and Mobile Applications

Join the Adobe experts to discover how to develop RIAs and mobile applications for Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS, Android and QNX. We’ll present the last features on Adobe Flex, the open-source framework to build first-class applications

Developing Mobile Apps with AIR 2.5

The AIR 2.5 runtime is now available on Android (and soon on Blackberries, WebOS…). Using the last release of the Flex framework, you can rapidly develop rich and engaging applications connected to your JAVA back-end. During this

Create ItemRenderers for Flex Mobile Projects

This video explains the process of creating custom ItemRenderers in ActionScript3 for Flex mobile applications, as well as the functionality they add to your projects.

Rapid RIA with Spring and Flex

This video explains how to combine Spring with Flex in order to create RIA applications using BlazeDS, LiveCycle Data Services, Spring BlazeDS Integration and Flex Addon for Spring Roo. http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Rapid-RIA-with-Spring-and-Flex

Build an SAP Backend Flex Application

This video shows how to create a Flex SAP application, demonstrating the “SAP Connector”, a new feature in Data Services, with Flash Builder.