UX by Developers

Apps that are merely functional no longer cut the mustard: today, our users expect apps that empower them through beautiful, intuitive user interfaces.

It’s time to fight back against the old adages that developers are color blind, visually impaired code monkeys with no sense for usability and in general should not be expected to know their wireframes from their pants. To keep up with the competition in today’s app markets, you need to build apps that offer a great user experience. Some solve this by hiring actual UX experts, but that is no excuse for developers not to know at least the basics of the craft. And besides, when you learn enough to thread water, UX is FUN!

In this talk, you’ll learn five simple tricks that will help take your UI from something the cat dragged in to something your users will love. Even if you’re “just a color blind developer.”

Video producer: http://www.ndcoslo.com/

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