Cross-Device Responsive Web Development

In today’s multi-device world, Responsive Web Design (RWD) has become essential. Media queries (in CSS, JavaScript, markup, and other related technologies) make it easier to develop for multiple devices and still adhere to web standards.

Tips and Tricks for Client-Side Performance

As the complexity of web and mobile apps increases, so does the importance of ensuring that your client-side resources load and execute in an optimal and efficient manner. Differences in resource loading techniques can have a dramatic impact on how fast an application feels to your users, and can be the catalyst for whether they […]

“Do it yourself”…Custom JavaFX Controls

Every front-end developer knows the problem: the project you are working on requires a control that is not part of the standard library, which raises the question “How do I do a custom control myself?” This session will show you one way you can choose to create a custom control in JavaFX.

Important MySQL Products for DBAs

Finding the right tools to manage enterprise MySQL deployments is often left up to the DBA team. But without regular training, these teams sometimes fall behind in learning about new tools that can do the same jobs better. MySQL database software typically includes basic tools, but when it comes to monitoring, additional add-on tools are […]

Distributed Systems for Real-time JavaScript

Distributed Computing is a strange place where people think differently. Travelling there seems dangerous, if you are used to local or centralized computing. But incredible riches are to be found if you can learn it’s secrets. This talk is a report on my adventures into JavaScript distributed computing and advice for fellow travellers!